Avicii becomes first DJ to headline New York City's prestigious Radio City Hall

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Avicii will become the first EDM act to headline New York City's prestigious Radio City Hall when he plays a show there in September.

The 22-year-old told Rolling Stone, "It's unbelievable that I'm going to play there... It's really more of a prestigious thing for me.

"It'll be cool that no other DJ has been there before which makes it even more, you know, like a fun thing to do and something that a lot of people I don't think would have expected."

He also revealed to the magazine that he is planning to return to the studio "in a couple of weeks", with "about 10 or 12" new tracks that he aims to release later this year or early 2013.

"There's no lack of music," he said. "I have a lot of solo releases lined up. There's going to be a lot of songs."

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