Backstage at Good Vibes Festival

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What happens backstage stays backstage; unless of course we tell you about it.

We’ll get to Beth Ditto in bed with Dylan Lewis (after all, you can’t launch straight into a literary orgy). First of all, there’s a muddy Good Vibrations scene to set.

The Sydney leg of the 2010 festival hit Centennial Park on Saturday. If you look in the history books, they tell you that the park is the "birthplace of the nation". Today however, it’s the birthplace of mud and possibly the odd venereal disease (if the discarded/unopened condoms were anything to go by). It ain’t Woodstock but the punters were in a lovin’ mood. Sure, The Killers pulled out and it been pissing down with rain but people didn't seem to mind. Nova’s Top Ten broadcast from backstage and we were on call to document the things you don't usually get to see. Here's a few highlights:

The weird décor
Has anyone seen my AAA pass? The place was like Fort frickin’ Knox. It’s not surprising really; it was a mecca of international musos. Each artist had a trailer that looked straight out onto tennis tables, a bed, couches, cushions embroidered with Koala motifs (Beth Ditto loved ‘em) and paper galahs hanging from above. It was outback Oz meets Wild West.

Food and hot coffee girls
A sneak peek into Gossip’s trailer revealed one hell of a feast. I know festivals are hungry work... but whoa, they had some serious food in there. Meanwhile, people seemed pre-occupied with the hot ranga coffee girl. Apparently she made a “Really decent Vittoria brew.” Rock n Roll.

Basement Jaxx ahoy
The re-appointed headliners had more space than other bands (three trailers by the looks of things). Closer investigation revealed a trailer just for outfits. One poor girl sat there all day steaming the colorful creations. The Jaxx were some of the friendliest blokes backstage.  Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe even made time to chat about Smallzy’s mum’s boobs.

Booze smuggling
Gym Class Heroes were innovative in their booze smuggling. Band member Eric Roberts wrapped up a stack of beer cans in a sheet and threw it over his shoulder - just like a piss-head Santa.

Salt-N-Pepa all wrapped up
The Salt-N-Pepa girls were fierce – they also had shoe preservation on the brain. The trio wrapped their gigantic shoes up in plastic ponchos and walked about like astronauts. A true diva never gets her heels dirty. Beth Ditto later wrapped herself up too. A plastic-encased Ditto is one of the most surreal things you’ll ever see. No venereal diseases for Beth; not with that amount of plastic protection!

Fanatical Fuzzy
The big TV in the guest area showed a stream of action from the main stage. Channel V’s Fuzzy damn near licked the screen when Salt-N-Pepa’s set began. The girls looked amazing.

Kerley crushes
Our James Kerley got more than his fair share of attention from the crowd but the adoration didn’t end there. Bright, bubbly Aussie Hip-Hop outfit KillaQueenz were also quite taken by K-meister. After asking for a pic together, Desiree mused “We look good together don’t we? Tag that!”

He swears it wasn’t what it looked like but Action Battle Team’s Dan Debuf was spotted ‘face-humping’ one of the KillaQueenz during their interview. The proof is in the pics, I say no more. For the record, she loved it.

Testosterone overloads
When Action Battle Team also interviewed Gym Class Heroes they threw a dose of competitiveness into the mix. Dan interrupted the interview to do push-ups. He only managed one (and that was with the help of Matt). A table-tennis challenge with Art vs Science ended with Matt on the floor, surrounded by balls. It’s not as sexy as it sounds.

Beth Ditto’s lost clothes
Top Ten’s Michelle nearly had a bloody coronary when she realised Beth was close enough to grope. The Gossip frontwoman entered the artist area free of make-up and workin’ a maxi-dress. Shehit the stage wearing a short black sequin dress and black lipstick. Fuzzy summed up the look well: “Beth looks like you wouldn’t want to f*** with her today.”  

Ditto took the aforementioned dress off on stage and threw it into the crowd. Great for the people that caught it, not so great for her stylist. “Get that back, it’s worth thousands” fell on deaf audience ears.

Toilet talk
Smallzy ran into Armand Van Helden in the men’s loos. Sharing info about world famous DJ dangly bits however, would be going too far.

In bed with Beth
The last thing we saw when we left the fest was Beth Ditto and her band in bed with DylanLewis. They had candles, cake and Smallzy captured it all on film. Saucy stuff if you’re in to that kind of thing.



Backstage at Good Vibes Festival Photos

Gossip @ Good Vibes Sydney 2010

posted 15/02/2010 Gossip play Good Vibes Sydney Gossip at Good Vibes Sydney Gossip live at Good Vibes Sydney Gossip @ Good Vibes Sydney
21 photos total

Art VS Science @ Good Vibes Sydney 2010

posted 15/02/2010 Art VS Science @ Good Vibes Sydney 2010 Art VS Science at Good Vibes Sydney 2010 Art VS Science live at Good Vibes Sydney 2010 Art VS Science play Good Vibes Sydney 2010
8 photos total

Kid Cudi @ Good Vibes Sydney, 2010

posted 15/02/2010 d Vibes Sydney Kid Cudi live at Good Vibes Sydney Kid Cudi rocks Good Vibes Sydney Kid Cudi @ Good Vibes Sydney
9 photos total

Salt N Pepa @ Good Vibes Sydney 2010

posted 15/02/2010 Salt-N-Pepa play Good Vibes Sydney Salt-N-Pepa at Good Vibes Sydney Salt-N-Pepa live at Good Vibes Sydney Salt-N-Pepa @ Good Vibes Sydney
18 photos total

Gym Class Heroes @ Good Vibes Sydney 2010

posted 15/02/2010 Gym Class Heroes at Good Vibes Sydney Gym Class Heroes play live at Good Vibes Sydney Gym Class Heroes @ Good Vibes Sydney Gym Class Heroes live at Good Vibes Sydney
12 photos total

The bands @ Good Vibrations, Sydney

posted 14/02/2010 Good Vibrations: Salt N Pepa Good Vibrations: Salt N Pepa Good VIbrations: Armand Van Helden Good VIbrations: Basement Jaxx
34 photos total

Punters @ Good Vibrations Festival, Sydney

posted 14/02/2010 The punters get pumped Rain didn't stop these girls Standing out from the crowd The day's just beginning
44 photos total

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