David Guetta accused of faking it at Tomorrowland

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 Was David Guetta faking it at Tomorrowland?

The above image made people suspicious when it showed all volume faders down but music still playing out to David Guetta's massive crowd at Tomorrowland.

Rep Sander Landsaat has fired back at the claims that Guetta was faking it, though, saying, “This is total bullshit. David played every track and mixed them on the spot LIVE! Why would I say this? I was in the DJ booth with him. [I’m] saying this just to illustrate that I was witness.


“The reason why all faders were down as claimed is because there was a power outage and a moment of silence for a good 10 mins if I remember correctly, could have even been longer. If this happens and the power comes back on you don’t want the music to start playing again where it left off or at a later point in the track abruptly, because that would also create ammo for all those critics and negative people out there. This is a question of editing out the moment of silence out of the video footage, nothing else."

What are your thoughts?


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