deadmau5 admits that he "sold out" by making a dubstep track

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Though dubstep is the flavour of the moment, deadmau5 isn't the biggest fan - he admits that he made one track in the genre because it was popular and called himself a "sell out" for it.

Speaking to CBC's Q Radio, deadmau5 said, "It's a conduit now for previously mainstream pop acts to use. I've only ever made one dubstep track and I will admit I only did it because it was cool at the time... I'm not a fan of dubstep but I figured 'Okay, well I'm sure I can engineer something that's palatable or on par with the whole Skrillex thing that everyone is into'."

He continued, "I sold out on that one track - that would be me admitting yes, I absolutely sold out because I did it for the popularity factor... But now a lot of pop acts like she who shall not be named [Madonna] and a whole bunch of other people are going to use the whole dance/rave thing that died in 1992 that somehow got revived as mainstream dance music and they're going to use that and sell it out and over-saturate it."

Artists: Deadmau5 Skrillex

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