deadmau5 calls Forbes DJ Rich List "bulls**t"

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Back in August, Forbes released a list of the world's richest DJs - and deadmau5 has called them out on it.

The producer, born Joel Zimmerman, came in sixth place on the list with a reported earning of $11.5 million.

Zimmerman said, "If I was making $11 million, do you think I’d be fucking sitting right here, right now? No f*cking way.

"You’re putting the whole industry on one article written by one dude, who does not have access to any of our accounts.”

He also told that production costs are far from "negligible", as the list claims.

"It's bulls**t," he said. “I had to call my manager and say, ‘Yo! Where’s the other 10?’ Sure, we’ve seen $20 million in the past two years, but that’s gone back into the studio, into tours – they cost up to $10 million alone.

"It’s money in, money out for all of us, but the list makes us look like a bunch of overpaid dicks."

Artists: Deadmau5

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