deadmau5 talks Imogen Heap, Cypress Hill collaborations

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Imogen Heap and Cypress Hill are both guest collaborators on deadmau5's newest album, Album Title Goes Here, and the producer was thrilled to work with both.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the artist born Joel Zimmerman said of Heap, "I love her voice. She's so out there with her melodies and videos."

He revealed that he will be giving Heap creative control over a video for the song - he'll "let her go batshit fucking crazy" as he says, "That's what I like about her stuff."

Speaking about Cypress Hill, deadmau5 revealed that he was a fan growing up. "Holy shit, my high school upbringing right there. That's really cool to meet the dudes and get a bro fist," he said.

He also said that the Cypress Hill collaboration track, "Failbait", is a few years old but he wanted to make sure it was perfect before bringing it to his teenage idols.


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