MGMT's next album to be more commercial

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MGMT's third album is set to take on a more commercial feel after their record label reeled in the band's creative freedom.

The band released sophomore album Congratulations earlier this year, and while it's psychedelic nature was embraced with critics and fans, its sales failed to match those of debut album Oracular Spectacular.

The means MGMT will hold less creative control when it comes to recording their next album.

"We've been looking at relationships with the label during the recording process and it's quite different this time. They'll be more involved and not give us as much freedom," Andrew Van-Wyngarden told the Daily Record.

"I definitely think our music will change in the future because Congratulations is almost two years old now," Van-Wyngarden continued.

"We are just in much more positive mental states than when we wrote Congratulations. We're less anxious."

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MGMT's next album to be more commercial Features

MGMT album streaming online now

MGMT album streaming online now

Following the leak of MGMT's album Congratulations, the band have allowed fans to stream the album on their website for free.

Posted 22/03/2010
MGMT turn down Lady Gaga, U2

MGMT turn down Lady Gaga, U2

In a quest to retain credibility, psychedelic efins MGMT reportedly turned down tour offers from Lady Gaga, U2 and Coldplay.

Posted 19/03/2010
Can you find MGMT?

Can you find MGMT?

MGMT will be congratulating fans this March by allowing a limited number of them access to exclusive events across Australia.

Posted 12/03/2010

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