MGMT turn down Lady Gaga, U2

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In a quest to retain credibility, psychedelic efins MGMT reportedly turned down tour offers from Lady Gaga, U2 and Coldplay.

MGMT -- who are currently readying the release of their sophomore record Congratulations -- recently discussed their inclination toward the underground, and hesitation at becoming superstars.

One half of the duo, Ben Martin Goldwasser, revealed:

"Well, we really do feel like we were blown out of proportion by everybody. We don't feel like pop stars, we feel like a rock band. We don't want to play arenas. It's not our mission."

Band mate Andrew VanWyngarden continued the discussion, raising the tours they've turned down in an attempt to follow their desired path:

"We've recently been offered support slots with a ton of big bands. Really huge, enormous, big bands - Like Lady Gaga and U2 and Coldplay and Foo Fighters. And we turned them all down. We really didn't want to do any of that."

Congratulations is available in stores from April 9.

MGMT will perform at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on April 6. Tickets are sold out.


MGMT turn down Lady Gaga, U2 Photos

MGMT in 2010

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