Parklife Q&A: Alison Wonderland

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Sydney DJ extraordinaire Alison Wonderland has had a busy year.

When she hits Parklife later this month, the pocket rocket is sure to blast some amazing dance floor beats that will keep punters boogying until they can't boogy any more!

Clearing some time in her schedule, Alison Wonderland answered a few of our burning questions ahead of the festival season.

Having previously played classical and indie music, what made you want to start in electronic and what’s kept you there?
Nothing really made me want to move to electronic music, it really just organically happened. It found me, and now we are in love.  

What are the pros and cons of being a female in a predominantly male industry? 
These days it’s getting easier to be a woman in this industry. I think the females in this industry doing it for the wrong reason give proper artists a bad name and we have to fight through that stereotype by working twice as hard. I hate being called a "female producer” and “girl DJ”- it’s so goddamn patronising. I am a PRODUCER and I am a DJ.

For a positive perspective, I find that the female artists that do shine through are exceptional as they have had to work so hard. I love that so much.

What can festivalgoers heading along to your Parklife set expect from you?   
A lot of different types of music mixed into one big meatball of sound. I just want everyone to have fun!  

What other artists are you keen to check out at Parklife and why?
Robyn - Because I have been a MASSSSSIVE fangirl of hers for YEARS. I love her so much and have never seen her play live. I plan on seeing every one of her Parklife shows on the tour. I might be a little obsessed but I respect her so much as an artist. I also can’t wait to see Hermitude. I love everything they have been doing lately.    

What’s 2012 been like for you so far and what’s in store for the rest of the year? 
So busy, I am loving it. I’ve actually been able to take the time to be completely self indulgent with my songwriting and got to remix for some amazing artists like Ladyhawke, Little Dragon and Sam Sparro . I’ve played some crazy shows around the country, toured to the States and the UK, caught up on Breaking Bad. Oh, and I learnt how to make French toast (trust me, that is an accomplishment - worst cook ever!)

Alison Wonderland is playing Parklife 2012. Visit for tickets and more info.


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