Parklife Q&A: Parachute Youth

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It's been a big year for Aussie electronic duo Parachute Youth, and it's set to get even bigger when they hit Parklife!

The pair's single "Can't Get Better Than This" has reached gold sales in Australia and there's new music on the way too.

We grabbed Johnny Castro and asked him a few burning questions to pump ourselves up for the festival season.

What can you tell us about your upcoming single?
It's not going to be too far from the same formula as "Can't Get Better Than This". We are still very infant and loving the sound we have created for Parachute Youth. It's going to be upbeat and a great song to drive along to, or get down at a party with.

Did you have any particularly memorable experiences on your huge "Can't Get Better Than This" tour around the country this year?
Many! We partied with a lot of artists that we admire and met a lot of people who we are now friends with and catch up with on a regular basis. The whole tour was a great experience and we are already looking forward to the next.

What can people who've never seen you before expect from your set?
A lot of energy and a lot of new songs that have not been released yet. It's been so nice to see people come out and hear our new songs and tell us how much they loved our live show.

What other artists are you keen to check out at Parklife and why?
Labrinth, because every time we are drunk after a show we get down to that jam! It's kinda cheesy but damn it's catchy! Really keen to see our friend Flume kill it too.

How is your writing of new material going? When can fans expect more new music?
Every time we write a song we feel like it’s the best thing we have done, so we are feeling very inspired at the moment and we are writing a lot of music. People can expect a single very very soon! Another EP in few months. We want to release polished products, not just put music out for the sake of doing it.

What else is in store for you in 2012?
Who knows at the rate this year has been going! But we are working really hard to make sure that we make the most of 2012 and the following years too.

Parachute Youth playing at Parklife 2012. Visit for tickets and info.

Artists: Parachute Youth

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