Review: Walden 'Brightness EP'

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Breaking News: Brightness has received support from Pete tong's Radio1 show (13/1/2012)

Sifting through tweets on twitter late last year, I stumbled upon a tweet from Big Beat Records, announcing the signing of a relatively unknown then 18 year old Sydney producer & DJ. Being also in Sydney, I followed this fresh signing to Big Beat and learned a little more about Walden. 
Walden's debut the Brightness EP was released world-wide January 10th, 2012 through Big Beat Records. This little four track EP is quite the release and has been on repeat since I got my hands on it. 
Hitting the play button, Brightness is a well–produced progressive house track and the track that gives the release its name. With nice breakdowns and a catchy synth build up – this track is pure dance floor gold. Heavy side–chain pushing through the main sections, given the right audience I can see this track making many a club and festival goer go off.
Resisting the urge to hit repeat after track one, I let my music player move to the second track – Broken bonds. Again, this progressive house track is catchy and dance floor ready breakdowns that have a light airy feel with melodic synths envying emotion giving way to a piano and synth lead build up that with layers, on top of layers peaks in to its full progressive house glory!
With the first half of the EP being all progressive, Let there be electro! And there was. 
The third track, Trip Wire is the first electro track on the release and further outlines the production prowess Walden has managed to achieve in under six years since beginning to produce, but more on his story later. The breakdown has that Walden feel – well produced and building to something special; bang! The track breaks into full swing a well punctuated electro bassline with a 303–esque synth helping to get things moving along. Hands in the air yet? 
The final and forth track on the EP is titled Physinor and its the second electro house track, with a screaming synth  in the breakdown and some hard edge synths leading you through the build–up before it unleashes itself upon you. Physinor is my favourite track on the release at the moment – but they are all good. Club ready. 
There’s nothing more to it than those two words, club ready. I know I as a DJ, I will be adding it to my sets and I hope all you other DJ's out there will be adding it to yours too and the electronic music fans – jump on this early, Walden is destined for big things. 
So, we caught up with Walden and find out more, after all the interest in DJ / Producers is at an all time high and 2012 is going to be bigger for electronic music.
SentrixX: Congrats on your debut release, Brightness – being so young, how did you get into DJ'ing and producing?
Walden: Well I guess it all started from a school music excursion to a technology museum in 2005 - we were introduced to a program called Acid Pro and were given the opportunity to put premade sounds/loops together to create music. I was so fascinated by this that i went home, got the program, and began using it as a hobby - making all sorts of crap, ranging from jazz to weird experimental. It wasn't until I heard Fedde Le Grands 'Put Your Hands up For Detroit' single, that I started getting into house music and DJing, I was about 14 then. 
My first ever 'DJ' gear, was the midi controller, Torq Xponent (i am now currently using pioneer CDJ's... i know, how original)
After a year or so of using acid pro I then moved to FL Studio and began learning how to create my own original sounds and melodies (at this time I was taking piano lessons, which helped extend my musical knowledge, as far as chords and scales went), and i think that's about the time when my hobby turned into a "I really want to pursue a career in music production"
S: When you DJ, do you use CDJ's, a midi controller or turntables?
W: I used to use M-Audio's Torq Xponent controller – however I am now using Pioneer gear (DJM and CDJ 2000's to be specific)
S: Who is your biggest inspiration / or influence for producing music and at what age did you start producing music?
W: I started music production at age 12 - and my largest inspiration throughout the years has been alot of the EDM producers, such as; Daft Punk, Fedde Le Grand, Axwell, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, and more recently Swedish House Mafia, Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner and Netsky, etc. 
I also enjoy and get inspiration from bands like the Foo Fighters, and Pendulum, and even listen to some classical.
S: What do you produce with PC or MAC? (What Program/DAW do you currently use? What did you start with when you first started producing)
W: I produce on PC, using FL Studio 9 - and before hand, was using Acid Pro 5/6
S: Where will we be able to see you play around Sydney? Any upcoming gigs? 
W: Not at the moment, however i am hoping to land some decent club gigs soon.
S: What advice could you give to aspiring  / and young bedroom bangers about producing / getting a release signed?
W: Well, as a wise man once said to me over the phone - "its not about what you know, but who you know" so I guess with this in mind, just try to get your music out there as much as possible through all your social networks - aka soundcloud, youtube, facebook, twitter - enter remix competitions, or create profiles on music websites like Reverbnation - basically just be as proactive as you can in the music world and keep consistently posting your material, because you never know who might take interest.
S: Walden, thanks for your time – it's been great getting to know a bit more about an upcoming local talent!
W: No problems, thanks! 
So there you have a little exclusive insight to Walden. Now the best bit a link to buy his EP and the bonus freebie for Novanation listeners!
To buy Walden's EP Brightness head to this link, it is worth every cent on the basis not only is it a great EP, but he is a talented Australian producer. There are previews of the songs at that link.
As a gift to his fans, Walden is giving away – for free another of his tracks, titled Splice which is an awesome big room house track so have a listen and download it! 
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