Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo talks Creamfields

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Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo has opened up about touring Australia with the complete Death Crew 77 and The Bloody Beetroots show, and from the sound of it, we're in for a treat.

An interview posted on the Death Crew 77 website quotes Sir Bob as saying:

"Death Crew 77 is an anarco-musical cell that expands its virus by exploiting rock stages on planet Earth. It is a return to our roots and the new post punk of the modern electro era. I play six instruments and sing. The keyboards are 2 Nords and 2 Korgs. There are three of us on stage, I am joined by historic Beetroot, Tommy Tea, and we have a new drummer, Edward Grinch. I see DC77 as a secondary growth of the BB dj set."

Going on to talk about Creamfields, Sir Bob suggests "chaos" will ensue, and really, what more could you ask for?

Catch The Bloody Beetroots and Death Crew 77 at the Creamfields festival this year. Head to the official Creamfields website for complete ticketing info.


Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo talks Creamfields Features

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Creamfields local acts announced

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Posted 14/04/2010

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