Skrillex to make animated cameo in Wreck-It Ralph

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He's lending his tunes to the film's soundtrack, and now it's been announced that dubstep star Skrillex will make a cameo in Disney's upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph.

Producer Clark Spencer has revealed that the musician, real name Sonny Moore, will appear in the film as an animated character.

Spencer said that Skrillex was "ecstatic" to be involved, but that he was quite particular about how the character should look.

He told Total Film magazine, "We built his model, we put on his look, and we sent it to him to have him give us comments. And he said he would never wear non-black tennis shoes. He said, 'My tennis shoes will always be black'. So we changed the tennis shoes to black.

"You don't see them in the film, as he's behind the DJ booth, but they were in the model. He has seen the animation, and he's very, very excited about it."

Photo: Getty/AFP/Joe Klamar

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