Splendour in the Grass timetable

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Thursday July 29

Temple Stage
5pm-5.45pm  Gyuto Monks Sunset Chanting
6pm-7pm  Nathan Kaye
7.15pm-8.15pm  Blackbirds
8.30pm-9.30pm  Mr Percival
9.45pm-10.45pm  Deya Dova
11pm-12.15am Tijuana Cartel

7pm-8pm  Ennsu vs Gadget
8pm-9pm  Pipemix vs LA Fresh
9pm-10pm Wedding Ring Fingers
10-11pm  Bad Ezzy & Nina Las Vegas
11pm-12am Moriarty
12am-1am Levins 
1am-3am  Ro Sham Bo

Jager Cube
4pm-6pm  Danny T
6pm-8pm  Morgan Baker
8pm-9pm  Mailer Daemon vs Elaine Benes
9pm-10pm Frames
10pm-11pm Cadillac
11pm-12am Calling in Sick
12am-1am Joyride
1am-2am  The Gameboys
2am-3am  Hobogestapo DJs

5pm-7pm  Rainbow Demon
7pm-9pm  Howlin' Willy
9pm-11pm Hesse

Guz Man/Y Gomez
4pm-5pm  Tropicante
5pm-5.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
5.20pm-7pm DJ Spex and MC Hernan
7pm-7.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
7.20pm-10pm Dwight Chocolate Escobar
10pm-2am Stevie M


Friday July 30

11am-11.45am Jinja Safari
12pm-12.50pm Money for Rope
1.10pm-1.50pm Violent Soho
1.50pm-2pm Welcome to Country
2.20pm-3.10pm British India
3.30pm-4.20pm Yeasayer
4.45pm-5.45pm Little Red
6.15pm-7.15pm Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
7.45pm-8.45pm Angus and Julia Stone
9.15pm-10.15pm The Temper Trap
10.45pm-12am Ben Harper

Mix Up
11am-11.45am Tim & Jean
11.45am-12.30pm Levins
12.30pm-1.15pm Graz
2pm-3pm School of Seven Bells
3pm-3.45pm Graz
3.45pm-4.45pm Foals
4.45pm-5.30pm The Only
5.30pm-6.30pm Miami Horror
6.30pm-7.15pm The Only
7.15pm-8.15pm Hot Chip
8.15pm-9pm Bag Raiders
9pm-10pm LCD Soundsystem
10pm-10.45pm Bad Raiders
10.45pm-11.45pm Scissor Sisters

GW McLennan Tent
11am-11.45am Skipping Girl Vinegar
12.15pm-1pm Joy Formidable
1.30pm-2.15pm Dan Sultan
2.45pm-3.30pm Washington
4pm-5pm Alberta Cross
5.30pm-6.30pm Sally Seltmann
7pm-8pm Midlake
8.30pm-9.30pm Lisa Mitchell
10pm-11pm Grizzly Bear

Tipi Forest
11am-1pm Sketi
1pm-2.30pm Multiverse
2.30pm-4pm Collapsicon
4pm-6pm Steve Starz
6pm-7.30pm Nancy Boyz
7.30pm-9.30pm Magu
9.30pm-11pm Nam-Shub of Enki
11pm-1am Ghettafunkt
1am-3am Aniki

1pm-3pm Donnie Blood
3pm-4pm Booms
4-5pm Starf*cker DJs
5pm-6pm Mr Disorder
6pm-7pm Hookie
7pm-8pm Trentertainment
8pm-9pm Mr Disorder
9pm-10pm Knickers
11pm-12am Booms
12am-1am Starf*cker DJs
1am-2am Trenertainment
2am-3am Knickers

Jager Cube
2pm-3.30pm Tenzin
3.30pm-5pm Habebe
5pm-6pm Banshee
6pm-7pm Cassette Kids DJs
7pm-8pm G-Wiz
8pm-9pm Lambda DJs
9am-10pm Skin and Bones
10pm-11pm Fuck Yeah DJs
11pm-12am Lazertooth Tiger
12am-1am Tablesalt v Bluebeard
1am-2am Benrama
2pm-3pm Tablesalt v Bluebeard

2pm-4.15pm Magic Happens
4.15pm-6.30pm Kato
6.30pm-8.45pm Graz
8.45pm-11pm Hoops

Guz Man/Y Gomez
11am-11.30am DJ Spex and MC Hernan
3pm-3.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
3.20pm-5pm Tropicante
5pm-5.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
5.20pm-7pm Tropicante
7pm-7.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
7.20pm-10pm Stevie M
10pm-2am Dwight Chocolate Escobar

Saturday July 31

11am-11.45am Gypsy and the Cat
12pm-12.50pm Jonathan Boulet
1.10pm-2pm Band of Skulls
2.30pm-3.10pm The Drums
3.30pm-4.20pm Philadelphia Grand Jury
4.45pm-5.45pm Operator Please
6.15pm-7.15pm Tame Impala
7.45pm-8.45pm Wolfmother
9.15pm-10.15pm Florence and the Machine
10.45pm-12am The Strokes

Mix Up
11am-11.45am Zennith
11.45am-12.30pm Levins
12.30pm-1.15pm Yacht Club DJs
1.15pm-2pm Miami Horror DJs
2-3pm Two Door Cinema Club
3-3.45pm Miami Horror DJs
3.45pm-4.45pm Delphic
4.45pm-5.30pm Yolanda Be Cool
5.30pm-6.30pm Bluejuice
6.30pm-7.15pm Yolanda Be Cool
8.15pm-9pm Van She Tech
9pm-10pm Art vs Science
10-10.30pm Midnight Juggernauts
11.30pm-12am Van She Tech

GW McLennan Tent
11am-11.45am The Honey Month
12.15pm-1pm Ernest Ellis
1.30pm-2.15pm Oh Mercy
2.45pm-3.30pm The John Steel Singers
4pm-5pm Clare Bowditch
5.30pm-6.30pm The Magic Numbers
7pm-8pm Laura Marling
8.30pm-9.30pm Paul Kelly
10pm-11pm Band of Horses

Tipi Forest
11am-1pm Sally Allsorts
1pm-2.30pm M_Phonik
2.30pm-4pm Dan Jupiter
4pm-6pm Noel Boogie
6pm-7pm Hazard
7pm-9pm JD
9pm-11pm Vman n Cruz
11pm-1am Paul Abad
1am-3am Baby Gee

Happy Endings
1pm-2pm McFly
2pm-3pm Rio Lobotomy
3pm-4pm Mattias Bang
4pm-5.30pm Jad and the Ladyboy
5.30pm - 7pm Magic Happens
7pm-8.30pm Katalyst
8.30pm-10.30pm Tim Fuchs
10.30pm-12am The Swiss
12am-1.30am Flight Facilities
1.30am-3am Levins v Sleater Brockman

Jager Cube
2pm-3pm Sally Gilbert and Fiona Zamprutti
3pm-4pm Whiskey and Ghost
4pm-5pm Ben Lucid
5pm-6pm DJ M.I.T
6pm-7pm Will Styles and Hayley Boa
7pm-8pm Frank Furter
8pm-9pm Murray Lake
9pm-10pm Ember
10pm-11pm Sosueme DJs
11pm-12am The Vines DJ set
12am-1am Alison Wonderland
1am-2am Hey Now
2am-3am Sosueme DJs

2pm-4pm Bang Gang - Free for All
4pm-5pm Doom
5pm-6pm Dangerous Doom
6pm-7pm Hoodrat
7pm-8pm Beni
8pm-9pm Ajax
9pm-11pm Bang Gang - Free for All

Guz Man/Y Gomez
11am-11.20am The Peppers Pep Band
11.20am-1pm Stevie M
1pm-1.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
1.20pm-3pm Stevie M
3pm-3.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
3.20pm-7pm Dwight Chocolate Escobar
7pm-10pm Dj Spex aqnd MC Hernan
10pm-2am Tropicante

Sunday August 1

11am-11.45am Rvlr
12pm-12.50pm Frightened Rabbit
1.10pm-2pm The Mess Hall
2.20pm-3.15pm Surfer Blood
3.30pm-4.20pm We Are Scientists
4.45pm-5.45pm Ash
6.15pm-7.15pm The Vines
7.45pm-8.45pm Passion Pit
9.15pm-10.15pm Mumford and Sons
10.45pm-12am Pixies

Mix Up
11am-11.45am The Outlook with Mr Boinkin
11.45am-12.30pm Levins
12.30pm-1.15pm Tijuana Cartel
1.15pm-2pm Purple Sneakers DJs
2pm-3pm Miike Snow
3pm-3.45pm Purple Sneakers DJs
3.45pm-4.45pm Space Invaders
4.45pm-5.30pm Kid Kenobi
5.30pm-6.30pm K-OS
6.30pm-7.15pm Kid Kenobi
7.15pm-8.15pm Jonsi
8.15pm-9pm FJ Anna Lunde
9pm-10pm Goldfrapp
10pm-10.45pm DJ Anna Lunde
10.45pm-11.45pm Empire on the Sun

GW McLennan Tent
11am-11.45am Jac Stone
12.15pm-1pm Boy and Bear
1.3pm-2.15pm Cloud Control
2.45pm-3.30pm Last Dinosaurs
4pm-5pm Fanfarlo
5.30pm-6.30pm Whitley
7pm-8pm Broken Social Scene
8.30pm-9.30pm Kate Nash
10pm-11pm Richard Ashcroft and the United Nations of Sound

Tipi Forest
11am-1pm Balance
1pm-2.30pm Keystone
2.30pm-4pm Pip
4pm-6pm Marcotix
6pm-7pm Icon
7pm-9pm Silver Sneakerz
9pm-11pm Audun
11pm-1am Vortex
1am-3am Sampology

Rat Lounge
1pm-2pm Etta Curry
2pm-3pm Divas
3pm-4pm The Faders
4pm-5pm Freshly Squeezed
5pm-6pm Armagideon Time
6pm-7pm The Ferg
7pm-8pm Streetcore DJs
8pm-9pm Ebony and Ivory
9pm-10pm Poly-Avalanche
10pm-11pm Naysayer and Gilsun
11pm-12am Swick
12am-1am Streetparty
1am-2am Tranterco
2am-3am Backyard DJs

Jager Cube
2pm-2.45pm Little Bambalam
2.45pm-3.30pm Loot n Plunder
3.30pm-4.15pm Yolanda Be cool
4.15pm-5pm Wax Motif
5pm-5.45pm Ajax
5.45pm-6.30pm Harris Robotis
6.30pm-7.15pm Mu Gen vs Mat Cant
7.15pm-8pm Sweat All Stars
8pm-9pm Whothehell DJs
9pm-10pm Washington vs Yves Klein Blue DJ set
10pm-11pm Karuna DJ set
11pm-12am Midnight Juggernaut DJs
12am-1am Miike Snow DJs
1am-2am United Colours DJs
2am-3am House Party Apocalypse DJs

2pm-3pm Rogers Room
3.30pm-5pm F.R.I.E.N.D/s DJs
5pm-6.30pm Knightlife
6.30pm-8pm Alison Wonderland
8pm-9.30pm Bag Raiders
9.30pm-11pm Falcona DJs

Guz Man/Y Gomez
11am-1.30pm Dwight Chocolate Escobar
3pm-3.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
3.20pm-5pm Stevie M
5pm-5.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
5.20pm-7pm Stevie M
7pm-7.20pm The Peppers Pep Band
7.20pm-10pm Tropicante
10pm-2am DJ Spex and MC Hernan

 Photo: Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Jo Hale


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