Travis McCoy is Forgetting Katy Perry

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Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy has confirmed he's releasing a mixtape titled Forgetting Katy Perry.

McCoy -- who was in a relationship with Perry until early last year -- has spoken out about his forthcoming release, and Perry's relationship with Russell Brand.

McCoy says the release was inspired by Brand's movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Perry's swift engagement to the comedian.

Those expecting McCoy to lash out at Perry will be disappointed however, with McCoy revealing to that's not the case:

"The mixtape is not airing out any dirty laundry. If anything, it's me poking fun at myself. If you've seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, that's my life. I'm that dude."

McCoy elaborated further, explaining:

"I think it was inspired by that whole situation. At the end of the day, I think anyone who has been thorough some s**t can relate to (the music). It could have been about my girlfriends before, but I'm (going to) keep it real with you, it was definitely about Katy Perry. I definitely felt a certain way about the whole situation. Having a year and a half to reflect on it, you start questioning everything...

"The timelines... she got engaged so quickly after. I was like, 'Really?' I had to sit back and reassess what was really going on. After you have some time to start thinking about it, you start putting things together. It's been a year and a half. I'm over it."

A release date for Forgetting Katy Perry has not yet been set.



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