Andy Murphy

Artist: Andy Murphy
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Andy Murphy is Melbourne's latest rising star at just 25 years of age. With his own signature sound of house and electro, he pulls in the crowd at every gig he plays at.

Born in Melbourne and with a mild obsession for music, Andy began DJing at the age of 18 after discovering clubs and falling in love with house music.

Andy's current projects's include Citylife with their hit single "San Francisco" and touring as part of the onelove team.



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Andy Murphy Photos

Grant Smillie and Andy Murphy pose it out
Andy Murphy @ Future Music Festival
Grant Smillie and Andy Murphy
Andy Murphy at Future Music Festival, Melbourne 2010

Andy Murphy Features

360 playlist 27/06/2010: Andy Murphy
360 playlist 31/10/2010: Andy Murphy
360 playlist 07/11/2010: Andy Murphy
360 playlist 14/11/2010: Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy Audio

Andy Murphy chats to Grant Smillie

Interview: Andy Murphy

Interview: Jam Xpress


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