Kieran Christopherson

Artist: Kieran Christopherson
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Kieran Christopherson is a storyteller that gives honest accounts of his experience. The Frankston born 22-year-old has spent the last four years creating a repertoire of songs that leave him absolutely nothing to hide behind; simple, yet poetic acoustic pop/folk that have begun to build him a loyal fanbase across Melbourne.

His (five-track) official debut release, The Undiscovered Country Calls are a collection of songs that sum up the last two years of his life, and explores themes of being far from those you love, of friendship, the rise and fall of relationships, coping with challenges and appreciation.

2010 was a big year - a sold out EP Launch, supports for some great Australian bands, and a top 5 spot on Nova Fm's National 'I'm With The Band' competition, 2011 is set to be filled with a lot of turning heads, and open ears for this young singer/songwriter.


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I saw Kieran play a show a few weeks back and he killed it, played an amazing set and all the people there loved the vibe!!!

by tombell (22/02/2010)

Kieran is actually amazing.

by martysmiley (22/02/2010)

I have Kieran's EP in my car, I listen to it everyday! I love it and dont think I will EVER get sick of him and his beautiful tunes.
He is incredible.

by lucycav (22/02/2010)

I've been to a few of Kieran's live shows and no matter if he's playing with a full band or solo, he never fails to enchant and inspire his audience.

by tesswoods (22/02/2010)

Kieran, is one of the nicest most talented and modest people I know. His music is amazing and I like him alot!

by jemmagilmartin (22/02/2010)

This guys songs are phenomenal, everytime I've seen him play the honesty of his lyrics take me someplace else like a good song should! Love how he talks it up with audience as well, top guy

by tommyharkin (22/02/2010)

Really funny guy, onstage and off. As well as being able to have a laugh with the guy, the audience goes nuts over his songs, so ridiculously catchy and incredibly honest. can't wait to see this guy play next.

by TomGards (23/02/2010)

saw him play at miss libertine in a very intimate setting. his guitar work is innovative and inspiring. his voice is his own, not trying to sound like anything but himself, and is absolutely gorgeous! his lyrical sincerity is what grabs me the most. love it!

by landosuitepanz (22/02/2010)

Kierans music is amazing and this guy is one of the most top blokes you'll ever meet!! Cant wait for him to get out there so all the world can appreciate his talent! keep kicking arse kieran xox

by imogenmartyn (22/02/2010)

saw him play at the espy awhile ago, loved everything he did. i'm a massive fan of audience interaction and he had everyone so into it. one of the best gigs i've been to. plus, he's a babe and that doesn't hurt either.

by tamzimet (22/02/2010)

Love his new Ep! Incredibly Talented guy!! I've had the opportunity to see Kieran play a few times and his shows always have such a grittiness and wholesome power to them. His interactions with the crowd and his beautiful songs win you over immediately. Defiantly Australia’s Hottest new act!!

by caitty (22/02/2010)

Kieran's passion shines through his amazing music, for sure! Everyone needs to know about this guy! Amazing..

by mgnzln (22/02/2010)

There isn't much more I can add to all of the other comments on here.

I will say though, he once played a song that made me cry so hard that I looked like a mess for the rest of the night.

Stop being so good, you're making us all look bad.

by emilysparshott (22/02/2010)

I have had the pleasure of hearing Kieran play and his passion and originality is amazing. He writes from the heart, and I admire him for his honesty. Its not often someone wears their heart on their sleeve in their career, and music is his career.
Good Luck Kieran, it would be a credit to the music industry and genuine music lovers for you to win this, as you definately deserve it.

by Cassie2212 (22/02/2010)

k-fizz has the best chest hair ever, it rocks. i crank his beats when i get home sick or am hung over which is quite often, its the best.... just play yellow house at your gigs please

by milhouse (22/02/2010)

he's the next big thing in folk and roll!

by kristinavujovic (22/02/2010)

Hey World meet Kieran Christopherson!
You will be pleasently surprised, such passion and a great talent .

by akela (22/02/2010)

i ate hot scones with jam while listening to Kieran Christopherson and it was the best combination ever!

by arhart155 (22/02/2010)

I once saw a slogan on a t-shirt made by a friend of ours that read, Christopherson is not a dirty word.
Not only is it not a dirty word, it is also a word you will be hearing more and more of.
Kieran, oh wow.

by charlottesquires (22/02/2010)

one step better than watching kieran... is being on stage next to him.

p.s folk and roll is the best description ever!

by djlux2 (22/02/2010)

I saw kieran live at the pelly bar the other night. He was everything that Australian music should be. In quite a nice package.

by nigeldunne (22/02/2010)

I never pay much attention to the lyrics of a song, but when kieran sings its hard to not get swept away by his honest and poetic words, that when strung together take you to the depths of his soul.

by kimdawe (22/02/2010)

I listened to this guys music driving across the usa in a convertible on a roadtrip that was all about freedom, love and chasing a dream. I couldn't have asked for a better soundtrack as this is who Kieran is and his music is just an extension of his soul.

by bing (22/02/2010)

There is noone that deserves this more.

by Clairey (23/02/2010)

I'm not usually into this type of music but in hearing his stuff I was blown away!

by vicenteviper (23/02/2010)

He is a beautiful human being. So incredibly talented. I feel privileged to call him my brother.

by isabellechri (23/02/2010)

the world at large deserves to hear this beautiful music. and no-one deserves what surely is coming kieran's way more. not sure if i've ever heard such honest music, live or recorded. vote!

by carmenpace (23/02/2010)

A wonderful soul who is a word smith and his talents should be harboured for the better of man kind- and he rules.

by Alleycatz (23/02/2010)

keep on Rockin it to the fullest mowgli, I hope you win!

by grizzlydick (23/02/2010)

Kieran Mr Christopherson !!! Good Luck Buddy !! My votes are deff with you kid .. x Channi

by Channi123 (23/02/2010)

what a talented artist, true soul music at its finest. obviously a up and coming star!

by mitchyeats (23/02/2010)

Truly Amazing debut ep from Kieran. Not only is he one of the nicest most deserving artists out there but he has an amazing talent!

by jassinc (23/02/2010)

keep the good work up kizza! definitly a great artist! congratulations buddy and keep breaking those boundaries! all the best mate! walshy!

by brad11 (23/02/2010)

Amazingly talented vocalist, guitarist and lyricist. Keep up the good work

by rach3012 (23/02/2010)

Seen him play at the pelly bar JUST GREAT , bought the cd everybody LOVES it , can not wait to hear MORE.

by summah1 (25/02/2010)

Chris Christoperhson is a sexy man

by Grampa_Sid (24/02/2010)

This fella is the business

by ryandsylva (24/02/2010)

Kieran you always make me smile with your music. Your truley amazing

by doobypie (24/02/2010)

This man is absolutely splendid. His music, mind, soul, and of course chiseled body.

by avanney (24/02/2010)

I wish I WAS Kieran

by katetron (24/02/2010)

Kieran is the best thing going around you have my vote!

by katilexis (24/02/2010)

Awesome music, getting me through studying atm! Good luck mate!

by p-nut1 (24/02/2010)

Anything to support you MR Kieran.

You Kick Ass!


by pk_alexander (24/02/2010)

Kieran has it all! he'll have everyone in the rooms attention just by his beautiful and funny banter introducing his first song, once he begins to play you are absorbed for the rest of the gig and forever after.

by ElysedeValle (25/02/2010)

Congratulations Kieran! You truly deserve to win, your music makes me smile everyday!!! lots and lots of love anne c xx

by annec (25/02/2010)

good comment mummy!

by isabellechri (25/02/2010)

yewwww kieran defs should win!!

by annikaw (25/02/2010)

these are the only songs i know all the words too. they are the soundtrack to my byron roadstip, crusing down the highway singing along. no one on in this world has a big enough heart to deserve this but him.

by liv_31 (25/02/2010)

kieran rocks my socks. you should let him rock your socks aswell?

by emmabree (25/02/2010)

Kieran rocks! He's the next Keiran Kane!

by Jillmarg (25/02/2010)

in my spare time i make kieran banners and stalk him a little lol

but honestly, he has such rare talent and is a massive inspiration, go you


by poikin (25/02/2010)

go for it mate, there is a ground swell happenin"

by Penbev (25/02/2010)

i have his CD on repeat. missing out on something special if you have virgin ears to this man's music... incredibly talented.

by devyngoddard (25/02/2010)

Kieran is the greatest. His music is incredible. And he will win.

by Ashaaa (25/02/2010)

thank you everyone =]

by kieran09 (26/02/2010)

Kieran! I've been telling Tom for years that the tiny trumpet doesn't matter and he should let me blow it.

Voted for you mate, good luck! And hopefully will meet you soon, cheers, Sarah (Tom's girlfriend).

by sarahtonen (26/02/2010)

Someone sign him up his sizzling.....

by Alleycatz (26/02/2010)

This man is a legend! Saw him play a free show for a good cause once. Blew me away, awesome show for one man. Seriously great musician. See him getting big one day

by ItsJustEsther (27/02/2010)

GOOD LUCK MOWGS!!! loving the music xxx

by divadiva (27/02/2010)

AWESOME MUSIC! good luck xxxxx

by rochellemorey (01/03/2010)

much respect mate! u got my vote!!!

by theindigochildren (02/03/2010)

When you think of Mr Christopherson you think of Dylan, Drake and Young. A true storyteller in a world of lyrical non-sense. This young man has a future.

by R0bb0 (02/03/2010)

love your work mate... your music is giving us something different yet something so refreshing!!! it really is a delight to hear it!!

by jamesmole (02/03/2010)

In my mind kieran has already won this competition, he is the greatest.

by jamesflack7 (03/03/2010)

kieran IS the greatest!

by spleendude (04/03/2010)

dylan lux loves his coles buddy =]
kieran better win, your good mate

by jackpretty (04/03/2010)

We love Kieran's music in America! He must win!

by bwelshons (05/03/2010)

Absolute gun. Watched him work on his music and grow as an artist over his short career. Sounds just as good live as any of his recordings. Definitely has a bright future in the industry, and to be honest, if you knew the kind of person that he is you would realize that no one deserves it more..

by Theeps11 (09/03/2010)

taught himself "me and juiio down by the schoolyard" within a week of hearing it. on a kayaking trail. without music players. =amazing

by dimo (09/03/2010)

From seeing this guy perform live in a school gym when he was 18 you could tell from that moment that he had all the makings of greatness. There’s a huge gap in the industry that’s begging to be filled by a new sound that were all just going to embrace, Kieran’s sound is phenomenal, original and breath taking… what true music should be… FOR THE WIN! WOO!

by macheah (09/03/2010)

Kieren Christopherson has changed my life with the poetry that is his Lyrics xxx

by westy19 (09/03/2010)

Kieran seriously needs to come over to england to play his stuff, i feel like we are seriously missing out with him being half way round the world!!

by jmfield2 (09/03/2010)

freaking awesome. that is all.

by brigid353 (09/03/2010)

Mogley = WIN!!!

by pnkivue (10/03/2010)

Amazing Musician and such a good dude! Rock it K-Dog


by Mcoy153 (10/03/2010)

I REALLY hope you win!!

I love your music so much!! Lullaby is such a beautiful song!!


by jesslovesparamore (10/03/2010)

I'm in London and heard about this guy from a friend, absolutely love the vibe of his songs - they resonate with the simplicity of a songwriter expressing something from his core, nothing more and nothing less. Wonderful.

by Ginwa (11/03/2010)

Yay Kiz!

you better win boy!
Goodluck with everything, your music is amazing!


by Stanna_12 (11/03/2010)

when this cool dude was a young chap he spilled his thoughts at that very moment onto a piece of paper and then the next day gave it to me. upon reading his words i felt blessed and privileged that Kieran would want to ever share something like that with me, and from that moment you experienced to the moment i experienced reading what was on that paper I knew you were special and on your way to sharing yourself with the world.

I am so so so excited that now people are as privileged and blessed as I was then, now that they are able to enter into Kierans world of words, music, and sheer experience.

Go Kieran you little Ripper!
P.S I still have those words you gave me!

by bnarna23 (11/03/2010)

Have my long haired musical babies!


by onellrocks (11/03/2010)

The guys a champion.. and the music speaks for itself.. i dont think iv ever seen a show which has left me as speachless XD all the best mate! deserve it

by polarbear (11/03/2010)

Phenomenal passion and talent... Much love x

by cadeimogen (12/03/2010)

Kieran Christopherson once implored me to 'Let It Shine', I even have those words on my wall from when he said them. Little did I know that such a uniquely brilliant human being, as Kieran is, could let what he is passionate for shine through as much as he does. I am unfortunately not going to get to see K'MPB-W'C (he knows what that means) in concert or in person anytime soon, but I sincerely hope, with all my heart, that to redress that balance, this supremely talented and limitless wonder goes on to be universally revered and loved as much as he is by not only myself, but countless others. Welshy ♥

by Welshy (12/03/2010)

Amazing talent, Unique Songs, A Wonderful Story Teller. Kieran reaches all ages with his passion, I am 57 and love his CD. He has already Won in my Book. go Kieran
By oshannessey

by oshannessey (12/03/2010)

Amazingly Talented Guy!
Go Kieran!

by Nathan78 (16/03/2010)

Diggin' Kieran in the States!!

by MinnChick (17/03/2010)

Great guitar playing, honest lyrics, and a pretty swell guy to boot. He's amazing.

by t1g3r (17/03/2010)

A man destined to do great things through his music and words.

by jogermantsis (17/03/2010)

Hey everyone, don't forget to 'follow' Kieran on the Nova site so he can win the comp, took me ages to find the link, so for others who are as dull as I, it's on the right-hand side of the screen just under the advertisment.

by sarahtonen (17/03/2010)

Can't stop listening!!!!!!!

by tim1234 (17/03/2010)

He only has a weak jump shot and no inside game. Heck of a musicain though...

by raivolynch (18/03/2010)

We hope he can play soon at this really cool venue called Amundson place!

by bwelshons (18/03/2010)


by stuba86 (18/03/2010)


by rachimo (18/03/2010)

amazing singer and definitely deserves to win!

by alevkocak (18/03/2010)

amazing voice, amazing soul. Kieran's very down to earth and puts his soul and love into his music, you can tell he is very connected and gives his audience an insight into his humanity.

by frangimandi (18/03/2010)

kieran is my idol.
love cav

by cavalot (18/03/2010)

wow.... for the win!

by macheah (18/03/2010)

kieran - amazing! watch this space.

by livwillis (18/03/2010)

Great songs! Kieran is awesome!

by LizzyWanders (18/03/2010)

Kieran. the man, the music. Kieran. the music, the man. Kieran. Be mine. Forever?

by martysmiley (18/03/2010)

all round greatness xx

by lana_oxo (18/03/2010)

17 out of 10.

by R0bb0 (18/03/2010)

no one could get this big a following and this much support without being a great musician and a lovely person.

by brigid353 (19/03/2010)

Sounds amazing! Allot of talent here!

by cappy88 (19/03/2010)

Not only is this guy an amazing artist, but he is also a beautiful and honest guy!!
Go Kieran!! x

by laura_t (20/03/2010)

kieran plays such beautiful music which speaks to my heart and many other people. I
wish i knew him and wish i had a picture of him on my wall.
he will be really famouse one day!!I an sure.
really deserves to wiiinnn

by henna (20/03/2010)

show keiran the money!!!!!! definately deserves he is AMAZING

by paderama (21/03/2010)

Keirans music is awesome and he definately diserves the money!!!!

by MayzieMouse94 (22/03/2010)

papparrazzi was amazing!!!!

by rachimo (23/03/2010)

kieran is unreal..
great music, legend of a guy.
his cover was paparazzi was a pretty good effort, such different styles.

by bekc18 (23/03/2010)

Fantastic Result Kieran, can't wait till the Final. Hope I can Congratulate you in person at the Finals when you win.
by oshannessey

by oshannessey (24/03/2010)

your music is amazing and i hope you win. You really deserve it.

by felicityC (24/03/2010)

Can't wait to see the guy in action tonight at the Espy.

by Alleycatz (24/03/2010)

Omg Kieran is the funniest guy ever..
his music is mind blowing and pretty sure he is the best and WILL WIN because he deserves it. xxx

by DeeDii (24/03/2010)

His music makes me happy (and sometimes makes me cry!!)

by Clairey (24/03/2010)

he's the songbird of our generation.

by nigeldunne (25/03/2010)

the bass player drives his girlfriends car because he cant afford his own.
what a wanker.
but kierans pretty cool.

by sdp14 (25/03/2010)

Mojo aka Kieran is highly talented in beerpong and singing so I think he deserves to win something. Even if it's a new house or something. I think Steve the drummer is the most sexiest man alive too.

by SammyGigglesworth (25/03/2010)

Such a talented young man....100 plus votes from America!!!!

by bwelshons (26/03/2010)

oh my gosh this guys voice is amazing! i dont think i have ever heard anything that i can connect to in so many different ways. he truely is one hell of an artist and seems like and excellent bloke.

by dhalliwell (26/03/2010)

I liked him before he was famous!

by jessestu (26/03/2010)

kieran you rock! he is so very talented and deserves to win this competition ten times over! go kieran go!!

by wels0107 (26/03/2010)

his music is some of the most beautiful ive heard, it takes me to a different world and makes me listen, really listen
kieran christopherson, thankyou for a gift that no-one else can give me

by ellaf (26/03/2010)

ella gives Kieran 4 thumbs up! He is just adorable!

by bwelshons (27/03/2010)


You're totally rad brah! An inspiration to the people! Congratulations!

Much love

by Hughc88 (27/03/2010)

Love this guy.

by SOPHOR (27/03/2010)


by denkepioux (27/03/2010)

Fantastic young talent. Songs are thought provoking. Well done.

by midwife1511 (27/03/2010)

you got the right stuff baby.

by jessestewart (27/03/2010)

amazing !!!

by ashieeee (28/03/2010)

i dont know this guy... but he looks like he rules...

by kieran09 (28/03/2010)

there will be an uproar if this kid doesn't win. the simplicity mixed with honesty makes his tracks gentle on the ears and footprints on the heart. seen his gigs heaps, but i want an ep!!!

by jodideutrom (28/03/2010)

Simple, humble & heartfelt music that speaks to the soul. Thank you for creating and sharing. Wish you all the best on your marvelous journey Kieran. xx

by mika (28/03/2010)

Kieran I remember the cute little boy telling everyone who would listen that he was going to be an international rock star when he grew up. You follow your dream honey your music amd lyrics are amazing. Enjoy the journey love connie xx

by conniem (28/03/2010)

So rad!! Good luck!

by allyrahh (28/03/2010)

Perfect. Just what I want to listen to.

by Cumbrae (28/03/2010)

What every style of music you are into it seems that everybody who listens to Kieran's loves it. I would love nothing more than for him to win this competition. Everything about his music is real and he brings alot of people together. He obviously has alot of people who love him and the music he writes. Good Luck. you have to win. xxxx

by jemmagilmartin (29/03/2010)

simply a beautiful boy with amazing music....

by bwelshons (29/03/2010)


by alimar (29/03/2010)

Fantastic music, wonderful young man, never tire of listening to your music. Very excited for you. Go you good thing!!!

by Penbev (29/03/2010)

You are so good you could be mexican!

by esr1 (29/03/2010)

i've seen kieran at a few of his shows and his music is beautiful, he definitely deserves to win this competition.

by shannynlukey (30/03/2010)

You the man K-Baby! it's an honour to be your mate and to apart of your music!!!

by stevey (30/03/2010)

Good luck!

by foxyfrancie (30/03/2010)

I love Kieran's music. Can't stop listening to "Rather be alone" Great stuff. What a talented and great guy. He will go far. Kieran YOU HAVE MY VOTE.

by Megs_83 (30/03/2010)

Hope you win

by Megs_83 (30/03/2010)

kieran im very proud of how far you have come, take it all the way we are with you xx

by annec (30/03/2010)

How did this guy manage to take a Gaga pop song and extract the heart and soul from it so beautifully? WOW.

This guy seems to be offering more of what Australia's airwaves need. More heartfelt, grassroots talent.

You have my vote Kieran. Good luck!

by bing (30/03/2010)

This music simply speaks and touches the soul. What beautiful music. Reminds me of a place called home. Good Luck Kieran.

by becmin01 (30/03/2010)

love love love. so much love for the music and this guy's heart

by marele (30/03/2010)

that gaga cover is amazing. truth.

by nigeldunne (31/03/2010)

An Equation that sums up Kieran:

by R0bb0 (31/03/2010)

Kieran = rad to the power of awesome.

by R0bb0 (31/03/2010)

Kieran is an incredible musican. He plays from the soul!

by Caylith (31/03/2010)

wow, this guy in phenomenal. His music’s got mad soul. His voice calms me, and his lyrics and are beautiful. Mad skills on the gee-tar Kieran, your amazingly talented, All the best.

by katevanderlinden (31/03/2010)

Not only a talented musician, but an amazing person! He deserves to go far!

by tahneeleopold88 (31/03/2010)

voices is the best song of all time, its darn beautiful. i love you!!!!

by ameliabutt (31/03/2010)

the guy is so talented, from the gigs i'v seen him play his crowds just keep getting bigger. his music makes all ages tap along and listen to his lyrics that are so unique. very excited for this kids future.

by viliam (31/03/2010)

hope u win man, u deserve it, see you tomorro night! x

by jamesflack7 (31/03/2010)


by tamara_kh (31/03/2010)

Never thought I'd be one of those people that listen to the same song over and over for an entire day... consider me one now thanks to Kieran's music! Simply amazing.

by hphi2 (31/03/2010)

Kieran i have been a massive fan for years. so glad that you now have the platform to share your magic with the world; for our sakes. your honesty and talent inspires me and cures any homesickness in a instant. looking forward to seeing you soar. thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom with such grace.

by daldal (31/03/2010)

You truly are a great musician, no "one hit wonders" here, you deserve to go all the way, GODD LUCK

by fawclay (31/03/2010)

Ah Kieran is the best! Big inspiration to me, he has the best music going! Good luck man, you're amazing!

by JamieBulner (31/03/2010)

Kieran you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Hoopina10 (31/03/2010)

u rock man i cant wait to see you at pier live!

by 50cent (31/03/2010)

Kieran you're songs are awesome!!
good work man

by hannahhh (31/03/2010)

by hannahhh (31/03/2010)

Love your music man, see you tomorrow night at Pier Live

by campbellflack (31/03/2010)

amazing musician!!!

by Jessicahhh23 (31/03/2010)

great music keiran !
you can clearly tell that your passionate about your music and t comes through in your sound and lyric. Amazing songs, great voice, perfect package !

by stevycab (31/03/2010)

Kieran! I love your music sooo much and i also think you are cute! I really hope you win! Good luck!!

by lucyrichards (31/03/2010)

kieran is the bees knees
I've been listening to him since way back in the "decade forgotten" times , (which ironically have not been forgotten"
all hail the musical juggernaut that is kieran christophelos


by adfsuperfan (31/03/2010)

chaaa....must win!

by bwelshons (31/03/2010)

I saw him at Flannies his a triples threat he can sing , knows how to serenade a guitar and his charmingly charastmatic ,a real performer

by Gshock (02/02/2011)

I guess it's ok, but I would not pay for his album.

by zen1985 (25/02/2011)

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