The Aston Shuffle

Artist: The Aston Shuffle
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In 2099 from the outer reaches of space, unstable alien technology was harnessed to teleport a secret race of genetically altered super androids back in time to Earth in the year 2005 to subdue humanity…only two survived.

Taking on the human forms of Vance Musgrove, a mad scientist slash male prostitute and Mikah Freeman, a truck driving ex-action hero they formed an ultimate plan to enslave the human race by capturing the consciousness of the worlds youth with mind altering soundwaves.

They constructed a music studio from discarded gameboy’s, laser disc players and Superstar Celebrity Microphones, drawing their power from Earths main energy sources such as ‘alcohol’ and ‘nicotine’.

Needing no sleep, they worked day and night on their sonic apocalypse planning to destroy the planet one dance floor at a time. It was there in that very room that two became one and like a malevolent Voltron their evil forces combined to become The Aston Shuffle. The battle for planet earth has begun. Which side are you on?

There are no chairs in the Aston Shuffle world because there is no need to sit down, you wouldn’t want to. They are the punters pied piper, princesses of progression and they have arrived.

The Aston Shuffle will twist you into all kinds of positions, but they love to be on top. In 2007 they climbed all the way to #1 in the Aria charts with their worldwide hit “For Everyone”, which remained at the front for 5 consecutive weeks.

Their remix of Pnau’s Baby also held the coveted #1 for 7 consecutive weeks, giving them two top ten singles in the chart at the same time. No Australian based super android duo has ever achieved this in Aria music history.

In 2008 they joined forces with another of dance music’s bearded dominators Tommie Sunshine to record ‘Stomp Yo Shoes”, they then followed this up with a massive remix of the worldwide smash by Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris and Chrome ‘Dance Wiv Me’. They also remixed the likes of Bunny Lake, Nu Coalition and Rhys. On top of all these releases The Aston Shuffle still found time to complete a mix for the internationally respected Ministry of Sound Mashed Four compilation which they did alongside UK DJ/Producer Kissy Sellout, then toured nationally to promote the CD.

Once their work there was done the super duo headed to the northern hemisphere to showcase their impeccable DJ skills and forward thinking productions. Now their dynamic Nu-Rave Ghetto sound has been shot all over the faces of clubbers worldwide in all different guises and just as importantly over the crème of the international dance music producing fraternity. Having supported the likes of Digitalism, Justice, Busy P, Feadz, Felix the Housecat, Larry Tee, Tronik Youth, La Riots, Sinden, Switch, Claude Von Stroke and Jesse Rose to name a few. As well as playing at virtually all the festivals in their homeland of Australia.

So today The Aston Shuffle are everywhere, their music is in the clubs and on the radio and features on the worlds biggest dance compilations such as The Ministry of Sound 2007, 2008 and 2009 Annuals. Ministry of Sound Clubbers guide to 2007, 2008, 2009 and Spring, Good Vibes 2008, Anything Goes as well as Ministry of Sound Sessions 4 and 5 making them the poster boys for the Nu-Rave Generation. In 2009 The Aston Shuffle will once again be fronting up to mix another massive dance compilation in the Ministry of Sound Clubbers guide to 2009 alongside the Stafford Brothers and Bass Kleph. So listen and understand that The Aston Shuffle is out there.

They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, remorse or fear. They absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are all dancing.



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