What's your favourite era?

By: Tonges
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What's your favourite era of music?

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i still enjoy the good old 90's music gives me memories from back at high school the tracks used to go sick at heat nightclub before it closed down.

by CrAzYWoG (14/08/2011)

Yeah I agree, 90's were awesome time for dance music of all genres. Went down hill a fairbit in 2000's though with all that Trance & Hard House.
Seemed to have gotten better again now.

by DECIBEL (08/11/2011)

Everybody is stuck in a rut (and the rut is the Past), Today we have the best Music around,..........

by gabriel.sanchez (03/02/2012)

The rut is now! Paul van Dyk got it right with his recent comments.

by Iceworkz (01/03/2012)

I think most Trance music and djs are in a rut. Guys like Armin and Paul Van Dyk are playing almost identical music to 10 years ago. And to me that is dull. 2000's was Trances time and that era is well and truely over!!! Now is probably the best era, electro/dubstep dance music with early rave influences as well, is the sound of today. Is fresh exciting and not formulated.

by HTID (13/03/2012)

love the Trance Era, suck sick trax. however im loving Electro house now just as much. so yeah.

by fireball961 (11/09/2012)

90's rave paved the way for a briliant genre of music...... techno. Its a sad and pathetic genre that encompasses us now with regurgitated samples and mashing of classic tunes! It seems dj's have either fried their brains or just cant be bothered generating new cutting edge beats. And please novanation, there are more than 30 songs to be played daily, and then replay them in the afternoon. Its exciting to have a dedicated digital dance radio station, only to be let down by what I can only call borderline kitchen blended pop!

by ktrain (14/09/2012)

Damn strait Ktrain! You nailed it in one. I agree wholeheartedly with the repititious nature of NovaNation, with so much great techno talent out there, why do we have to hear the same 'pop' songs day in day out........

by ravetrain (28/09/2012)

remixes of the 80's and 90's are pretty cool, theres just too much music from today being played all day

by clubgus (17/11/2012)

i love new music but ik alot of the 80 and 90s music

by chicckk (21/11/2012)

love to old 90s club / trance tracks... good stuff Nova Nation...

by Azztek (25/07/2013)

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Hitz FM in the 90's was the best playing the best dance around ...

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